Blue Daisy

After I left corporate employment, I started my journey into jewelry design by taking up a course in jewelry design from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in Bangkok 3 years ago. I had always been captivated in art and design and being a fan of jewelry, I view it as an ambition to be a certified jewelry designer. One of the inspirations I have in creating jewelry pieces with unique design is by looking at nature and the beautiful things around me that captivates one attention. One of my side hobbies is gardening and the flower that had always been my favourite was the daisy. My design process always starts with inspirations and imaginary as a starting point follow by mood board. When I drew this design, I wanted to give the stones although is a fine stone, but more space to breathe so that is can be reflected much livelier and admire at different perspectives.

Daisy's are composite flowers with two flowers combined into one, an inner section and an outer petal section. It symbolizes the intertwining of two representing true love or the ultimate bond. 

I had thought of building an inspiring daisy piece by looking at various colours that can bring out the elegance of the flower. I decided on blue and yellow as the main and contrasting colours as making the flower petals blue is to emphasize inspiration for hope, desire and love. Having a yellow central flower petal engulfs the wearer to feel a sense of joy and pride giving the wearer complete serenity and confidence in displaying its elegance.

Thus, started my journey with researches and sketches and in choosing the ideal gemstone cutting to highlight the blue and yellow colours required. I chose sapphire as being one of the precious gems that is highly valued and is commonly known to be a symbol of power and strength. I wanted the Blue Daisy (a name that I have determined for this design) to bring inspiration to the wearer to be confident and display sense of hope and love to all surrounding the wearer. 

I continued my long journey in creating the design into reality. Each sapphire piece were delicately handpicked to ensure quality and clarity in highlighting the message of the design. I also wanted the piece to be flexible and be worn in multiple ways. I called it versatile jewelry in a versatile world for versatile people. It is wanted to be this way so that they can be also be worn and cherished on daily basis. I work with the expert team to produce these pieces. Thereafter the journey of making this piece did go through various challenges, where the connecting joints did not clasp properly and had to be remeasured and redrawn to be compatible and practical.

Finally, after a lengthy duration of few months, my ultimate design "Blue Daisy" was finally created and the jewelry collection allows the wearer to display in 8 different ways, be it a combination of pendant, earring and ring or as a stand-alone piece. I feel extremely proud of this creation and it has also allowed me to be featured in a local publication telling my story and my favourite creation.

"Published in Malaysia SME Paper January 2019"